A Message from the KAA Auxiliary

Hello, everyone,

I hope you are having a terrific summer so far. We have been having a tumultuous one
with the storms and major winds. We haven’t had any damage except tree limbs down
but Stockton has had lots of damage. Neighbors helping neighbors is our theme this

Don and I will be taking off for Louisville, Kentucky in July for the National Auctioneers
Conference and Show. Both of us are looking forward to attending the seminars, touring
a horse training facility, seeing old friends from all over the world and meeting new ones.
If you haven’t attended one of these conventions, I urge you to seriously think about
going because we have learned so much and met so many wonderful people since our
first one in Oklahoma. Besides, it makes for a terrific vacation in totally different areas of
the United States.

Check out the summer get-together dates and I hope I will see you there.

Terry Hamit

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Kansas Auctioneer Sunflower – July/August

Sunflower Header

The July/August issue of the Sunflower is now available online, just log into the Member’s Area to access it.

Here are a few of the items you will find inside:
  • Letter from your President – Megan McCurdy
  • Summer Get Together details and registration
  • New Members
  • Member News
  • Hall of Fame Nomination form
  • Declaration for Office Applications
  • and so much more.

Have you “Liked” the Kansas Auctioneers Association Facebook page?  If not, please do it and stay up-to-date with news in between Sunflower issues.


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2014 Summer Get Together

It’s Going to Be Wild!

Join your fellow KAA members on August 22 & 23rd in Hutchinson for a fun filled time.  Here is a quick look at what we have planned, but for full details, registration and sponsorship information go to the Events page.

Friday – August 22nd
Golf Tournament at Carey Park Golf Course
Rattling Cages at Hutchinson Zoo . . . a KAA Private Party & Dinner

Saturday – August 23rd
Discover & Enjoy Hutchinson or Chill Poolside & Swim at Hotel
Board Meeting at location to be determined
Blast Off at the Kansas Cosmosphere and Space Center
Murder in the Mine Dinner Theatre at Strataca

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Message from KAA Auxiliary

HELLO!!!! Is there anyone out there???

Since convention, I haven’t heard from anybody!  That just goes to show how full swing we all are into auctions! Doesn’t it seem busier to everyone? We hope the economy is turning around! We did run into Bill Eberhardt and his beautiful wife at a real estate auction. I encouraged her to attend next year’s convention and get involved. Along with all the rest of you out there that haven’t attended for awhile! I know it gets real busy throughout the year, balancing work, whether it’s auction related or another job, real estate sales, family, vacation, losses and other things that pop up, like free time! Free time, what’s that? The more successful you get, the busier you get, in all aspects of life. So kudos to you who don’t have any time. But also keep your priorities in mind like this example:

I recently read a part out of a book written by Stephen Covey, “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People,” that I would like to share. It talks about a “paradigm of correct principles,” (your principle center).  Read Pg. 126 for more . . .

Picture a circle with Your Principles in the middle and surrounding/touching it is: Family, Money, Work, Possessions, Pleasure, Friends, Enemies, Church, Self, Spouse.

He gives some examples of how each of these affect us or how we respond to them:

Example: Suppose tonight you have invited your wife to go to a concert. You have the tickets; she’s excited about going. It’s four 0′clock in the afternoon. All of a sudden, your boss calls you into his office and says he needs your help through the evening to get ready for an important meeting at 9 am tomorrow.

Through Spouse-centered or Family-centered, your main concern is your wife. You tell the boss, “No,” to please her.

Through Money-centered, your main concern is the overtime you’ll get or the possibility for a raise.

Through pleasure-centered, your main concern is party/relax time. You’d CAN work!

Through self-centered, you’ll be focused on what will do you the most good. Would it be better for you to go out for the evening? Or would it be better for you to make a few points with the boss? How the different options affect you will be your main concern.

The point is, you need to be aware of how you normally view things and also think of how others are viewing things. I know for me, sometimes we get sooo wrapped up in how we are feeling or what we want that we don’t take into consideration what others want or their feelings.  And we all know how important that is in our line of business. Listen to your customers! However keep your priorities in mind! You have to find a good balance between work and play and don’t compromise your ethics. You know what they say about all work and no play… or what happens if you compromise your ethics!

Hopefully these were some words of wisdom and thought to everyone who forgets what we are really here for!

God Bless,

Hope Edelman

Past President 2013

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2014 BOD retreat

So you are aware, the KAA Board meets each year a month after taking office for a retreat. The purpose of the retreat is to look at the state of the Association, discuss the President’s vision for the year and what needs to be done to move the Association forward in serving members in the best way possible.

No matter what they consider, it is always about what is in the best interest of the not only the Association, but the membership. They always evaluate with what is outlined in the Constitution and Policy Manual for guidance on anything that is decided upon.

This year it was decided to have a one year strategic plan of a focus on the promotion of the KAA and its members to the public.

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